Our Tree Story

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During a storm about 2 years ago, our field lost a big pine tree that had probably been there since the 1940's. It fell after a big storm.

Then, on September 11, 2004, a vandal cut down 2 of the trees in our playground. Our students and teachers were very sad.

We decided to try and find funding to replant. We receivedhelp from the Sandpipers Philanthropic Organization, the Tree People, and Alfredo Ceja of Los Trabajadores.

Sandpipers Philanthropic Organization

The Sandpipers were instrumental in funding our tree planting efforts! They raised $2,176.00, and about 50 volunteers helped us plant.

The Tree People

The Tree People is a volunteer organization. One of its goals is to plant more trees inschools and communities. The Tree People donated time to help us plan,offered training toour staff, their expertise, and all the tools.They have also provided a curriculum to use with our kids as follow-up.

Alfredo Ceja

Mr. Ceja, a parent in the Lennox School District, is the owner of a landscaping business called Los Trabajadores. He helped us pick trees, and took us to the Jauregui Wholesale Nursery and got us a fantastic discount. He was also here on planting day to help, and to translate the instructions to Spanish!

Thank you from all of Jefferson School! Our school looks so beautiful!